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Ananké took the mic’

On January 23rd, Ananké took part in the Bar de l’économie, a Paris based radio program. The start-up has seized the opportunity to spread its vision and interact with other executives.   One broadcast, two highlights: 1/ Oxfam’s annual report, retirement age, purchasing power and France’s position towards the Brexit… many topics broached during this […]

Energies in Africa

On January 18th, Ananké took part into the Maghreb Country Day organized by the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry Burgundy Franche-Comté. An opportunity for the start-up to establish new business contacts in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. TARGETED APPOINTMENTS Qualitative interviews with: >> Algeria, local contact: Halim AMMAR KHODJA (Deputy Director of the Algerian-French Chamber […]

Ananké’s event

On February 5th, Ananké hosted the Rendez-vous de la Mécanique. This time it was focused on energy efficiency as a boost for competitiveness. Throwback to a Cetim event.   COMMUNITIES & INDUSTRIES: POWERFUL ALLIES TO SUPPORT ENERGY EFFICIENCY Two highlights during this day: 1/ Attendees’ introduction: Nowadays, companies’ development may be slow down by technical […]

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